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Currently, 10/25/2017, we have in stock:



90% US Silver- 42 face available

.999 rounds and bars- 170 available

Silver American Eagles- Sold out





South Africa Krugerrands - 1 available

1/10th oz Perth Mint Coral Sea .9999- 5 available









 Our current Buy and Sell (Bid/Ask) prices on the most commonly available products:


1964 and prior US 90% Silver coinage (junk silver) per dollar face value;


(calculated at current spot price X .715 X face value)

Sell = spot + .75 per dollar


Buy = spot -.50 per dollar


Silver rounds and bars
Sell = spot +1.25 per ounce


Buy = spot


Silver American Eagles
Sell = spot + 2.60


Buy = spot + .25


Silver Canadian Maple Leaf


Sell= Spot  + 2.50


Buy- Spot


Gold American Eagles-
Sell- spot + 50.00


Buy- spot


B.U Canadian Gold Maples and S.A Krugerrands-
Sell- Spot + 45.00


Buy- Spot -10.00


Other Gold and Silver products, please call 503-935-6662 or swing on by for prices.


Tory and Jessica

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